There’s an adventure for all skill levels on the island municipality of Culebra. Take your pick from over 50 different dive sites, including sunken vessels, coral reefs, and caves. Note that most tour groups and dive shops here specialize in beginner classes.

Cayo Raton

Trust us; you’ll want to check out Cayo Raton in Culebra. Locals know this gem as one of the fishiest in Puerto Rico, but there’s more to this setting than the smell. Enjoy all sorts of sea creatures around here, such as butterflyfish and queen angelfish.

Mona Island

History and fun await after a 50-mile boat ride from Puerto Rico to reach the incomparable Mona Island. The “Galapagos of the Caribbean” features beaches, campsites, and endangered animals. Those interested in checking out this wildlife preserve must first request a permit or visit the agency’s office in San Juan.

Desecheo Island

You can find some of the area’s most incredible coral reefs on Desecheo Island. Though visitors can’t access the island itself, the waters are highly popular among scuba divers. You and your group can plan for different kinds of fish, turtles, sharks, crustaceans, whales, and dolphins at this remote locale.


Think back to your childhood for a second. Do you remember playing the game Candyland (because we’re guessing you do)? Well, Candyland on Desecho Island is a giant coral reef named after the crazy, colorful board game we all know and love.

Las Cuevas

Candyland isn’t the only crowd favorite on Desecheo Island. Las Cuevas boasts an entire world of canyons and arches, as well as the opportunity to swim and explore. This spot is perfect for all skill levels of scuba divers and beginners in particular.

La Parguera

Ask previous guests of La Parguera about their experience, and chances are they’ll discuss the bioluminescent bay of glowing algae that lights up at night. But the bay isn’t the only reason to make a trip to southwest Puerto Rico. La Parguera offers some of the most amazing scuba diving adventures on the island.

Efra’s Wall

The Wall, or Efra’s Wall as it’s also known, ranks as one of the top scuba diving settings in Puerto Rico. The miles of underwater wall with coral reefs and various sea life (including sharks) creates an adventure you can’t replicate anywhere else. Pro tip: Book your trip to The Wall in the weeks or months before you arrive in Puerto Rico.


Beginner, intermediate, and experienced scuba divers love Humacao for its variety of sites. You’re sure to encounter dolphins, whales, or manatees regardless of your skill level! There are also opportunities for relaxing on any of the beaches and snorkeling.