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Kayaking Tours in Puerto Rico

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Published: October 12, 2019 • Updated: April 20, 2022 • 5 min read


Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime. From your beach hotel in San Juan, travel to the east side of the island. San Juan kayaking in world-famous Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay will leave you baffled and delighted. The star attraction is a tremendous colony of microscopic (and luminous) sea plankton.

The amazing light show starts at nightfall. Any motion in the water causes millions of plankton to emit a bluish-green glow. Every time a kayaker strokes their paddle through the water, the surrounding plankton leave a comet-like trail of light. Behind your kayak is a twinkling wake. Raindrops produce sparkles that shimmer like diamonds. The best displays are seen during pitch-black moonless nights, so plan your trip accordingly!

If you prefer daytime kayaking, the Fajardo landscape delivers incredible views, plenty of tropical fish to see, and birds to watch. This area is noted for its calm waters and tranquil beaches. Our concierge staff can suggest other kayaking options, from river kayaking and sea excursions to the island’s many man-made lakes, countless coastal inlets, coves, and bays. Numero Uno can facilitate any kayaking excursion with transportation from the hotel, kayak rentals, and even instruction.

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